Friday, January 27, 2017

Two Songs Arranged for Solo Piano

I've arranged two of my songs for solo piano, using MuseScore.  I had to make some changes in these arrangements compared to the originals, to remove or combine parts, and to make them physically possible to play.  I'm not a great pianist, but I made sure that I could play them through at a stop-and-think-about-the-next-part pace.  I think someone more skilled should be able to play them properly.

If you're that person I'd love to hear the result.  You can use the Download link at the MuseScore page for each piece to get printable versions of the scores.

The easier of the two, this one involves lots of many-fingered chords in both the right and left hands.  It's a mellow, ambient piece, and my most recent.

I made this one for Robot Quest.  At the time I called it "Plugged In", but I've renamed it because this name is much better.  A quick, boisterous, staccato piece, this one is very hard for me to play.

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