Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hello, Robot Quest

A few years ago I started working on a game for my kids.  It's called Robot Quest, and it's about a robot that basically walks around talking to various characters, picking up items, slipping on ice, and so on.  It's not challenging, but it helped to introduce the kids to moving around with the arrow keys and they thought it was funny for a while.  I stopped working on it for a bit, but I thought I should release what I have in case someone else might enjoy it.

The farmer has a problem with his pig.

The music is basic MIDI made with Anvil Studio and Audacity, and the graphics with Inkscape.  It's written in HTML/JavaScript/CSS, and released as a Chome Web Store app, so you can install it directly into Chrome.  For my kids, I set it up on a Chromebook.

Here's the store link again:

Robot Quest (Store)

Here's a link to a web version.  It doesn't have the music, but if you want to try it out without installing it from the Chrome Store, this is the link for you:

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  1. I've updated this post with a link to a web version, which you can try without needing to install it from the Chrome Store. The only downside is that it doesn't have any music.