Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Robot Quest Soundtrack

I've uploaded the music from Robot Quest to SoundCloud, so if you're not inclined to install any Chrome apps, but still interested in my rudimentary MIDI handiwork, you can have a listen or a download with only a few clicks.

There are three tracks from the game:

  • Processing: The clock cycle of a simple-minded, trudging, oblivious robot.  Another part came in and seemed to me to be another robot - a companion - which decided for some reason to walk alongside the first.  This was my first and I think it's a little overcooked.
  • Robot Party: A more boisterous call-and-response-style piece, with more improvisation than you could reasonably expect from a room full of soulless machines.
  • Clockwork: I wanted something with guitars (well, "guitars").  I have partial lyrics for this one but I won't tell.  To sum it up: an undying machine, in love with a person, is confused and disappointed by mortality.  You probably wouldn't pick that up just from listening to it.
Plus a bonus track:
  • Plugged In:  Just piano and drums this time, with some fancy-fingers action.  I haven't found any robot symbolism in this one.  This isn't in the game because I haven't finished the fourth level.

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