Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Callooh Callay, World!

I wrote some puzzles for the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt.  For one of them, Callooh Callay, World!, I invented a new esoteric programming language called Wonderlang.

It's frabjous.

I imagine this is how one would program computers in Wonderland, if there were any.  It's not meant to be particularly difficult to use, but it has a different perspective.  It requires a few characters not found in the ASCII character set: I suspect keyboards in Wonderland would have a great deal more keys than ours.

Wonderlang hasn't made it onto (yet).  To be fair, I haven't written a proper specification for it, which seems likely to be a requirement.  But then that's probably another natural characteristic of programming in Wonderland - why should they need to write this stuff down, or if they did, despite needing to, why should they go and actually do it?  After all, they're all mad there.

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