Sunday, April 10, 2016


There are many logo quizzes on the internet.  Many.  Yeah, just tons.  Here's another one.

An uninformative screenshot.
It's called logoplex.  This one focuses on big vector graphics, animations, and clean design.  I limited myself to the logos I could get in SVG form, and which if I removed the identifying text from them I was left with a (mostly) recognizable shape.  I collected 100 logos in total, but logoplex only chooses 10 of them at a time to throw at you.

Gathering the logos was quite a grind.  Logopedia was useful, they have just about everything there - plus for any given logo you can see how it has changed over the years.  Wikipedia was also great (as usual) for things like lists of companies and fast food chains and whatnot, and if there's an SVG version of a logo out there Wikimedia Commons probably has it.

However, some of them seem to have been badly converted from Illustrator, with lots of unnecessary elements.  I wanted to make sure each logo stayed less than 10 kB.  In some cases I had to allow more than that, but in others I simply had to let the logo go.  For example, I dropped the Discovery Channel logo because the globe image makes that one pretty big.  Some of them I just edited down to size.

The program lets you get a little sloppy with your answers.  In addition to allowing variations in some answers, it also allows minor misspellings using Levenshtein distance.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think:


  1. Seem to be having a problem with acronym answers - for example, if the correct answer was "XYZ" and I put in "XYZ" it says "not XYZ" (I've seen at least three acronyms so far that suffer this problem).

    1. ah, the workaround appears to be to enter "xyz" instead of "XYZ"

    2. Oh, thanks, a javascript typo was causing it to be case sensitive - fixed!